About Quinoa

What is the best way to cook quinoa?
The best way of cooking quinoa is cooking it like rice. The recommended amount of liquid varies; however, we recommend a volume of one cup and a half of water for one cup of quinoa, which gives you the quinoa al dente. If you want it better cooked and inflated simply let stand covered 5 minutes and it will eventually inflate with steam.

Should I rinse the quinoa?
Quinoa has a protective coating called saponin which has a bitter taste (it is a kind of natural insecticide!). We do our best to insure that effective methods are used to prewash the quinoa. However, the level of this bitter taste differs from one harvest to the other, so we highly recommend to always rinse the quinoa thoroughly before cooking it.

Should I rinse the kaniwa?
Unlike the quinoa, kaniwa has no saponin. The GoGo Quinoa kaniwa is also prewashed so you can use it without rinsing. If you would like to wash it, make sure you have a sifter with very small holes because the kaniwa grains are very tiny.

Is the white quinoa a whole grain?
While the quinoa is not technically a grain, it has similarities with whole grains. Its natural color is white but possesses the same qualities of whole grains.

What is the difference between white, red and black quinoa?
The grains of quinoa can be white, red or black. Their nutritional value is hardly different. No matter what color, it is still a superfood!

Is quinoa kosher?
Quinoa is considered a kosher food because it is not a true grain; it is actually the fruit of a broadleaf plant in the same family as spinach and beets. However, we have Ecuadorian quinoa certified Kosher by Chabad Lubavitch in Ecuador. Quinoa is also a food that is permitted during Passover.

Does quinoa make you lose weight?
People who are on diet may benefit from quinoa which contains complex carbohydrates (carbohydrates of quinoa are digested gradually), making it a food of choice for people who follow a low carbohydrate diet. With its high protein content, it is a substitute of choice for people who follow a high protein diet and it is an excellent food for athletes.

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