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Royal Quinoa Puffs

Gluten free and organic, Quinoa Puffs is particularly rich in protein, high in fiber and in non saturated fats; and is an important source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E and part of the B complex. The well-balanced mix of amino acids makes it comparable to milk's nutritional value. Softer than regular Quinoa, Quinoa puffs are perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Certified organic quinoa.

Weight: 180g

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  • GoGo Quinoa Organic
  • GoGo Quinoa Gluten Free/Wheat Free
  • GoGo Quinoa Fair Trade
  • GoGo Quinoa Dairy Free
  • GoGo Quinoa No Trans Fat
  • GoGo Quinoa Vegan
  • GoGo Quinoa Whole Grain
  • GoGo Quinoa Kosher

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