Fair Trade Quinoa Practices Make Us Who we Are

When it Comes to Providing Nutritious and Flavourful Products, Fair Trade Practices Ensure Quality Products

It’s been 14 years since our founder created GoGo Quinoa, a leading Canadian Company that focuses primarily on quinoa. Our mission as a fair trade quinoa company aims to contribute to the well being of all consumers, by offering nutritious and flavourful products, which are ethically and responsibly sourced. We’re also committed to fulfilling the principles governing fair trade quinoa practices throughout our product offering.

2 Ameriks Inc., is  the corporate identity behind the GoGo Quinoa brand, fulfills all of the principles governing fair trade practices. These guiding principles are meticulously applied in our selection of suppliers, in our relations with employees and throughout our overall quinoa production process.

We work hand in hand with Bolivian farmers who cherish their ancestral lands and who are passionate about quinoa. Through sustainable practices, these expert quinoa growers provide us with amazingly beneficial products for our consumers, which in turn contributes highly to the well-being of local workers and their families.

GoGo Quinoa about us fair trade quinoa

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the nutritional well-being of all by offering nutritious, innovative and flavorful products, ethically and responsibly.

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At Cie 2 Ameriks, we fulfill the principles governing fair trade practices. Those principles are guiding our company in our selection of suppliers, relations with employees and overall operations.

Our Quinoa

Sourced Directly From Bolivia

We are committed to providing consumers with a wide variety of delicious and nutritious high-quality quinoa-based products. We are also the first Canadian company to ensure that the quinoa’s quality control is handled in a local environment. This means that every step of the production process is done in our new, state-of-the-art facility, located in Laval, Quebec.

We’ve gone as far as to devise our own specialized Andean grain cleaning machinery line, which allows us to reduce the level of saponin to an almost undetectable amount. Saponin is a bitter substance that coats every quinoa grain, one that acts as a natural insecticide. Our unique process removes saponin to less than 0.01% and also extracts all of the impurities that result in the growing process, removing natural elements like volcanic rocks, straw, and any other unwanted byproduct.

GoGo Quinoa produces a wide range of organic, high-quality quinoa products, resulting from over 14 years of ancient grain quinoa know-how. We are the best quinoa brand for good reason; we hope you enjoy our commitment to quality products.

Our Process Removes Unwanted Saponin to Less than 0.01%

GoGo Quinoa about us fair trade quinoa
GoGo Quinoa about us fair trade quinoa pic

How it All Started…

I tasted quinoa for the first time during a backpacking trip after my studies. I must admit that it was not love at first bite… Served unwashed and simply boiled in water, this yet unknown little grain had a rather bitter taste. At the time, I was far from imagining that quinoa was to become the centre of my professional career.

Hi, my name is Martin Bilodeau, president and founder of 2 Ameriks Inc. In a few sentences, here is my story…

After working in the world of financial communications, and after starting a family with my wife Clara, I began to dream about starting my own company, one which would be built on values that would inspire us, which we also had at heart. I returned to South America in search of organic and fair trade products.

Chocolate and coffee were already mainstream certified fair trade in North America, but quinoa wasn’t. I’d found my calling. Working hard, we managed to obtain fair trade certification in Canada, and from there, we launched an organic and fair trade product line, which we named GoGo Quinoa.

With the arrival of the first container, operations began in 2004. Two years later, in order to solidify our relationships with our business partners and get an added taste to the local culture, we decided to resettle our little family in La Paz, Bolivia. Seven months later, we were back in Montreal, ready to take on a number of new projects. With so many great memories collected throughout this journey and a third baby almost to term, we hired our first employee, purchased our first mixing and bagging equipment to produce quinoa products locally.

Today, we are headquartered in a new facility, a forty-five thousand square foot factory in Laval, Quebec.

We continue to grow our line of quinoa-based products by developing and manufacturing products that incorporate local ingredients and fulfill our customers’ needs with really tasty quinoa products.

The GoGo Quinoa range now includes more than 60 references, all organic, gluten-free and vegan, made from quinoa and other Andean grains and distributed throughout Canada and the world.

2 Ameriks inc. is a manufacturer specializing in Andean grains and superfoods. Our goal is to provide healthy and nutritious products and that the whole family will enjoy and that is also safe for those with allergies including peanut, corn free or food intolerances. Our list of ingredients is simple, short and at the reading level of a 6-year-old child. All of the taste is in the simplicity of the product.

We thrive on making high-quality quinoa products and our wish is that you enjoy them in confidence, always in good health and with a smile!

Thank you for your interest in us ; )

Discover the Many Benefits of Quinoa…

GoGo Quinoa about us fair trade quinoa

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