Our Social Involvement

At GoGo Quinoa, we believe that we have a fantastic mandate: to promote a corporate culture at the heart of our social involvement.

Social and environmental concerns are an important part of our daily activities. We encourage sustainable and responsible practices and encourage our employees and our community to do the same. We continually strive to improve our internal and external processes to encourage the reduction of the ecological footprint.

The organizations we support:

GoGo Quinoa recently affiliated itself with the non-profit organizations Montreal Santropol Roulant and Croquarium de Sherbrooke. These are two companies based in Quebec, well-known for their commitment to promoting educating and for carrying out local, urban, and organic farming projects. These positive contributions to the community set out our vision of our social involvement. In addition, Gogo Quinoa also funded an employee’s initiative to cultivate the field adjacent to its offices. During the summer, we planted both vegetables and herbs and reaped the benefits of our harvest by eating our freshly grown products.
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We value social involvement in respect to the environment and we strive to promote an eco-friendly way of life for our employee’s, our community and the well-being of our planet. At GoGo Quinoa, it is imperative to promote a corporate culture rooted in the heart of social involvement.

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