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How to Cook Quinoa Without it Being Sticky? We’ve Got the Perfect Tips for You to Try.

Cooking quinoa can be difficult if you don’t know how to prepare it. Lucky for you, our test kitchen cooks with quinoa on a daily basis! Find out how to cook quinoa in our blog articles, enjoy loads of practical information about this superfood and learn cooking tips and presentation tricks from the experts at GoGo Quinoa.

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Working Out with a Side of Quinoa: How the Superfood Can Fuel Your Fitness Goals

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With only one in three adults receiving the recommended amount of physical activity each week, many people are contending with the best way to stay fit and healthy amidst their busy schedules. Many people understand that what you eat matters when it comes to fitness, especially when you’re participating in physical activity on a regular

Harnessing The Power Of Mouthfeel The Vegan Way: Food And Wine Pairings for Winter

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Many food and wine pairings evolved by accident, according to foods local to the regions in which wine is produced, but the concept of matching food with wine can also be attributed to ‘mouthfeel’. A study published by Current Biology demonstrated that that the acidity of wine pairs with fatty foods because the two fall

Healthy Quinoa Sides And Salads For Your Next Barbecue Party

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Canadians love to barbecue: a study has shown that 8 in 10 adults own a grill or a smoker. Regardless of the season, families all over the country make it a habit to gather round to feast on grilled delicacies. While some barbecued food can be indulgent, there are ways to make your favourite grilled

What You Eat Matters: Examining The Connection Between Your Gut And Your Brain

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While we already know that what we eat can have a huge impact on our weight and general well-being, we may not be quite as familiar with the connection that exists between our gut and our brain. Our bodies are literally teeming with millions of bacteria that collectively make up the human microbiome. When this

How to Build Your Perfect Salad

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Ah, the perfect salad is an elusive concept. At first glance salads feel like the simplest meal to tackle-- the only requirement of a salad is lettuce and dressing after all, right? While this is technically true, it is the direct fault of these boring bowls that have given salads a bad name. If you

Back to School Made Easy with GoGo Quinoa

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September has arrived, and with it comes the start of a new school year! While the back-to-school season brings the promise of new learning experiences, it can also be the beginning of a stressful and unfamiliar routine. Feed the family breakfast, pack lunches, get the kids to school, get yourself to work, pick everyone up

Win an Adventurous Trip to Bolivia Worth 3000$

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GoGo Quinoa is doing it's biggest contest yet! GoGo Quinoa, in collaboration with Le Groupe V.I.P, is proud to announce that it will be giving away a trip to Bolivia, more specifically to La Paz, the capital with the highest altitude in the world. The lucky winner will benefit from GoGo's biggest contest yet.

Gogo Quinoa is teaming up with Odile JP The Pretty Small Vegan for the 2019th edition of Expo Manger Santé

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Portrait by Christine Drouin Odile JP, aka the Pretty Small Vegan, is a vegan recipe creator, food stylist, and photographer.  Odile is based in Montreal and in only a few years, was able to obtain a devoted following of food lovers. One thing is for sure, she has an eye for the beautifully-chaotic

Eggplant And Mushroom Rotini (Pasta Alla Norma)

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This is my version of pasta alla Norma and it’s a delicious sauce rich in flavour and texture and perfect with rotini as the sauce gets into all the grooves of the pasta. Pasta alla Norma is one of the most well known Italian pasta dishes and it’s typical of Sicilian cuisine. The original recipe