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10 Nutritional Facts on Quinoa

About Quinoa Quinoa is considered a pseudo-grain that’s closely linked to the beet, spinach or amaranth family. It is one of the most durable plants, able to withstand extreme temperatures (hot and cold), lack of water, wind, and even strong solar radiation. Quinoa is the super-hero of grains, which might be why it passes along…

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Opinion: What is Natural Health Anyway?

This is a guest post by Ben Stanford of Tall Tree Health. ***** Natural health is a term thrown around quite a bit these days to describe all kinds of products, treatments and therapies, and/or lifestyle choices. Unfortunately there’s both a lot of skepticism and a lot of false advertising, when it comes to natural health…

Eating Super Foods

Quinoa: An Ancient Grain for Modern Recipes!

Sometimes an old favorite recipe can be transformed just by changing one key ingredient. For the past 10 years, ancient grains have regained popularity with their different texture and long list of health benefits. Millet, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Teff and Quinoa are just some of the ancient grains that we now see in modern recipes. And…

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Vegan Top 8 Free Bolognese Sauce with Quinoa

Note: This is a guest post from Amira Azimi of Top 8 Free Eats. ***** Full of flavor. Filling. Healthy. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Soy-Free. Nut-Free. What’s not to love about this sauce? Bolognese sauce is a delicious balance of herbs and tomatoes and just the right kick of red wine. It is traditionally served with ground…

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So you’ve decided to go Gluten Free… now what?

Is this diet a fad? Or can it help you? For some, it’s their only option. But if you’re feeling tired, bloated and generally aren’t feeling well, it’s worth a try to go gluten free. How do you make the transition, how do you change your habits and can it help you feel better?  Loads…


Classic Holiday Recipes with a Quinoa Twist

Do you have your Christmas or Hanukkah dinner planned out yet? Do you know what you’ll bring or make? Trying to plan a meal or bring a dish that suits everyone is becoming more difficult as the years go by. Indeed, many families today struggle to accommodate their recipes to different food allergies, dietary restrictions,…

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Opinion: To Be or Not to Be… Vegan

This is a guest post by Nafsika Antypas, the host and producer of the world’s first vegan lifestyle TV series, Plant-Based By Nafsika, which focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. ***** It’s funny. Non-vegans are always concerned about the health of vegans when really, it should be the other way around. Yes, my B12…

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Eating and Growing Sprouts

There’s always a defining moment in your life that changes the way you do things. For me, it was seeing that a regular sandwich could be transformed into something gourmet using sprouts. A mundane lettuce and tomato sandwich can be transformed into something delicious and different by adding interesting ingredients, like sprouts, veggie pâté, or…

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Kani-what? – Kaniwa: The New Supergrain

The first time I heard someone mention Kaniwa, I thought they were mispronouncing Quinoa. This was about 5 or 6 years ago, when fewer people had heard of Quinoa, never mind Kaniwa! Also referred to as “Baby Quinoa”, Kaniwa is grown in the same region as quinoa, has very similar nutritional values, but is half…

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