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Learn How to Cook Quinoa

How to Cook Quinoa Without it Being Sticky? We’ve Got the Perfect Tips for You to Try.

Cooking quinoa can be difficult if you don’t know how to prepare it. Lucky for you, our test kitchen cooks with quinoa on a daily basis! Find out how to cook quinoa in our blog articles, enjoy loads of practical information about this superfood and learn cooking tips and presentation tricks from the experts at GoGo Quinoa.

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GoGo Food : Mother’s day menu

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Cuis.inné collaborated with GOGO QUINOA in this wonderful menu for Mother's Day. We have prepared tasty recipes with local ingredients. Enjoy this special opportunity and treat your mom with this healthy and delicious menu in the comfort of your own home. Some nice flowers and a glass of organic wine would definitely complete this feast!

GoGo Food : Chocolate Orange Quinoa Puff Bites

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Quinoa: the Superfood! I've had a love affair with quinoa for many years now. It's a superfood pseudo-grain that's a complete protein and has all the essential amino acids, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, and heart-healthy fats. All amazing reasons to consider eating more quinoa, except that we love it simply because it's delicious. It's also such a versatile grain.

Eating and Growing Sprouts

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There’s always a defining moment in your life that changes the way you do things. For me, it was seeing that a regular sandwich could be transformed into something gourmet using sprouts. A mundane lettuce and tomato sandwich can be transformed into something delicious and different by adding interesting ingredients, like sprouts, veggie pâté, or