A delicious cranberry tart that is vegan with a chewy, nutty crust and a lovely custard-like tart and sweet curd filling. Topped with a dollop of coconut whip and it’s the perfect dessert, the perfect way to take advantage of cranberry season and not to mention the prettiest as well.

I am very happy to be working with GoGo Quinoa again to bring you another recipe using their fabulous products. This time it’s a recipe using their quinoa flakes. I had never tried them before and was so very excited to get my hands on them. Since then I have been experimenting with them a lot. I enjoy using them as I would use oats. The great thing about quinoa flakes is that they are completely gluten free. Pure oats technically are gluten free if they are not contaminated. Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, and rye so read your packaging carefully if that is a concern. That is not the case with these quinoa flakes. They are 100 percent to gluten free, are fully tested and certified NON-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and organic.

I really like the texture of the quinoa flakes and loved using them in a simple coconut milk porridge as well. They were fun to work with and I couldn’t wait to try making a tart crust with them. They made for a wonderful crust and tart base. The crust isn’t baked for too long so you get some crispy edges but also a slight chewiness to it too. It works well with the custard like curd filling. The flakes really help create a nice texture along with the almonds in the crust. There is a slight hint of citrus in it along with a hint of cocoa as well. It smells amazing while it’s baking. It’s lightly sweetened and the mellow cocoa and nutty flavours work beautifully with the tart and sweet curd filling.


The filling is quite simple to make. When it comes to this and many other vegan curds, it is corn starch or arrow root that give it its curd-like thickness. The vegan butter or plant based butter give it its silky texture. It takes a few steps to make but all the steps are quite straightforward and simple and worth any bit of effort.

This was a delight to eat and is a wonderful vegan option for the dessert table. Other than the crust, it’s a no bake tart that once filled gets refrigerated until serving which makes it a very approachable and low maintenance kind of tart to make. The processor does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the crust and the rest of it is just a few minutes over the stove top with the cranberries. We enjoyed the sweet and tart flavours in this lovely cranberry orange tart and we thought it was perfect with a dollop of coconut whip which pleasantly cuts through the sweetness and adds a smooth richness to every bite. Hope you give it a try!


This is a sponsored post for GoGo Quinoa. All thoughts and views are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make Olive & Mango possible.


For the crust

  • 2 cups almonds
  • ½ cup quinoa flakes. I used GoGo Quinoa flakes
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil melted plus some more to grease pan
  • ½ an orange zested and juiced
  • ⅓ cup pure Maple syrup or honey
  • 1 heaped tbsp raw cacao or very dark cocoa powder

For the curd

Makes approx 2-2½ cups of curd

  • 600g of fresh or frozen cranberries (don’t worry if you have a few more or less – it’s not critical)
  • Up to 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (see below) – I used 2 very large oranges
  • 1 cup of unrefined raw Sugar (but adjust to taste)
  • 6 tbsp cornflour
  • Peel from one orange
  • 4 tbsp dairy-free margarine or vegan butter
  • 8-12 tbsp coconut milk or freshly squeezed orange juice to thin out curd if needed (use the coconut milk if you want a more mellow curd/juice for a brighter flavoured curd)


  1. Place almonds in a food processor and process until they resemble a fine, crumb texture.
  2. Add the quinoa flakes and process the mixture again for a few seconds.
  3. Add the melted coconut oil, orange juice and zest, pure Maple syrup and the cacao powder.
  4. Pulse the mixture until fully combined.
  5. Press the mixture into a tart pan measuring approx. 9-10” and 1” deep. Ideally, one with a loose bottom to make it easier for removing the tart but if you do not have a loose bottomed one, you can line your tart tin with baking paper.
  6. Use your fingers to smooth off the edges of the mixture and press down with the underside of a spoon to ensure it is all even and compact.
  7. Place the base in the oven and bake for 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 350°F.
  8. Remove the base from the oven and allow to cool completely before adding the next layer.
  9. Once cool and if not serving immediately – wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until you are ready to assemble it.
  10. While the crust is cooling, place the cranberries, orange peel, and water into a saucepan and heat gently simmer until the cranberries are softened approximately 10 minutes.
  11. While the cranberries are softening you can juice and zest your oranges.
  12. Once the cranberries are done remove them from the heat and pass them through a sieve.
  13. Use a wooden spoon to push as much through the sieve pressing the liquid into a bowl. Make sure to scrape the bottom of the sieve as well to collect all the liquid.
  14. Measure your cranberry juice out – you need a total amount of liquid of approximately 2 cups. The cranberry juice will be about 1 cups or so, so make it up to 2 cups with the orange juice.
  15. Place it all into a cold saucepan.
  16. Add the cornstarch and whisk to dissolve. Then add the sugar, place back on the stove top and turn on the heat to low and continue to whisk as you bring the mixture to a gentle boil slowly.
  17. Once boiling allow it to boil gently for one minute without stirring.
  18. Drizzle in the orange juice or the coconut milk as needed to get the consistency you like, whisking the whole time, and cook for just a another minute or two.
  19. Remove from the heat, pour into a bowl or jar and allow to cool.
  20. Place in the fridge once cooled. If using in the tart, allow to come to room temperature and poor into tart and refrigerate for at least an 2½-3 hours.
  21. Leave overnight for a firmer texture before serving.