Finally, Quinoa Pasta that Tastes Great!

Discover Our Selection of Premium Quality Gluten-Free Quinoa Pasta!

GoGo Quinoa pasta engineers set out to make the best possible wheat pasta alternative, they took the four main qualities or attributes which are usually associated with conventional wheat pasta into account when developing our line of quinoa pasta.

GoGo Quinoa Pasta is Neutral and Still Contains an Amazing Minimum of 21% Quinoa Flour Compared to Only 5% Offered by Other Brands.

It has a great taste and it’s suitable to use with any type of sauce. It offers a true “Al Dente” texture as to replicate authentic pasta perfection. And if that wasn’t enough, our quinoa pasta has excellent water absorption, which makes it very easy to blend with homemade or store-bought sauces. Taste the results… Our macaroni quinoa pasta is made with organic white rice and red & white quinoa flour and offers the same lovely ‘al dente’ texture as wheat pasta. It has excellent water absorption and it’s great with any sauce.

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