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We set out to create quinoa recipes, which we hoped would help people spend less time in the kitchen, while still eating a healthy and balanced diet. Most importantly we wanted to allow people to feel empowered and autonomous while cooking vegetarian recipes with quinoa.

We knew how difficult it was to transition to a vegetarian, plant-based diet or to simply try to eat fewer animal products while also eating a gluten-free diet that was indeed going to be a tall order to fill.

We’ve Created Hundreds of Quinoa Recipes for Our Quinoa Lovers!

From breakfast to main courses, passing by appetizers, salads and desserts we’ve provided quick and easy information to cook balanced, nutritious, gluten-free quinoa recipes with ease.

We keep our recipes short and sweet with just enough detail to help you recreate them to perfection. But we also think it’s important to give you enough space, to let you push your own creativity and thus increase your confidence in the kitchen while cooking our fabulous quinoa recipes.

We don’t believe in processed food, that’s why all of our recipes are made from scratch, with a healthy list of ingredients. Cooking is not only about eating; it helps you connect with yourself by making you concentrate on your health. This isn’t new, cooking and eating meals together has connected people for ages!

Today, people don’t have as much available time, it’s important to remember to slow things down and to concentrate on one’s self, our families and close friends. Food is about pleasure and love, we need to reconnect and cherish one another more than ever. We hope our quinoa recipes can play an active part in discovering healthy food choices.

We hope to inspire you with our quinoa recipes as you have inspired us here at GoGo Quinoa to create a full range of healthy and ethical products.

Bon appétit!

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